“Meagan supported our marketing department through building our digital brand presence. She was primarily responsible for growing and expanding our social media, but did many other marketing tasks that were outside of her “contract”. She has extensive expertise in Social Media Marketing, and she made it so easy for us to focus on other marketing objectives knowing that our Social Media was being managed correctly. She was able to work through a lot of technical challenges we were having with our website, and later rebuilt our website entirely. She was willing and able to be a general marketing resource wherever she was needed, and often stepped up past her contractual obligations. Whether you need general marketing support, or someone to “fill in the gaps” in your marketing team, I highly recommend Meagan & Mucha Marketing Inc. For small & medium business trying to grapple with the ever changing digital marketing world, she can be an invaluable resource that will allow you to focus on your strengths, knowing that your digital brand is in good hands.”