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When your company or small Langley business needs to be found on the internet, our SEO company in Langely can help.  Of course, in today’s day and age, you have to have an online web presence. But much small business in the Langley area does not know the importance of being found online. Just because you have a website does not necessarily mean you will be found. That is where Search Engine Optimization comes in.



Mucha Marketing is a full-service online marketing company, that specializes in SEO. Whether your business is a Shopify or woocommerce boutique, or a medispa or clinic; we can help bring your online web presence to the next level.

  • SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” In simple terms, it means the process of improving your site to increase its visibility for relevant searches.
  • Optimizing your online content by improving title tags  and implementing keywords
  • Keyword research for your industry, whether it be a construction company, marketing for new housing development, or a Lawyer Firm
  • Map your keywords through a sitemap

Why does your firm need SEO?

Well, that is simple, the better visibility your small business has in search results, the more likely a client will be able to find your website and thus convert to a client. And of course, we are all here because we want more clients.

How does SEO help my Restaurant in Langley, BC?

When a ‘ potential ‘ client goes online to search an item; let’s say Google or safari, these search engines use bots to crawl thousands of pages on the web. Periodically, they go from site to site and collect information from websites like yours, and then they put them in an index. So if your local restaurant in Langley is continually adding new tags, blogs, content, descriptions, etc, the bots will award you for all your hard work by recommending your website when someone types in “Best Seafood Restaurant in Langley”, as an example.

The next step involves, algorithms that will analyze all these web pages and rank them (based on hundreds of factors), this ranking algorithm determines what order the websites should appear organically. For example, if you have a professional accounting firm, potential clients may go to a search engine and type in “How can I write off more expenses for my corporation?” If you have proper SEO in place or hire Mucha Marketing Inc to apply new SEO content on a monthly basis; google will award you by placing your website towards the top of a search page. Content quality and keyword research are two of the main factors that will help your large business to be found online.

When choosing the right SEO Services Marketing Company in Langley, can be a difficult choice.

Not all SEO companies use the same techniques for getting you results.

Your #1 goal for your business’s SEO efforts should be

  1. Proven Google page #1 rankings

It’s a proven fact that over 94% of all search result clicks are from the first page. Especially if you are not doing paid google Adwords, Mucha Marketing would strongly suggest SEO for your business to get your website found online.

Other factors to consider, should be amazing communication between you. Do your research on the marketing company you plan to hire. Look at Google reviews and testimonials from your peers or other clients. Bathroom design in Massachusetts is most appealing when it’s done as cape property pros do it. Mucha Marketing Inc is a top-rated marketing firm, with 5-star google reviews. Explaining the process on a monthly basis with detailed descriptions of the SEO implemented for your business.

Lastly, the price will always play a factor no matter what marketing practices you are investing in your business. When you hire Mucha Marketing SEO company, we will customize your package and do our best to ensure we can give you the most bang for your buck. Meagan Mucha has proven to go above and beyond for all her clients located throughout B.C. I take great pride in offering affordable rates and amazing results.

We are located in the Fraser Valley, come and say hi to Mucha Marketing Inc. We are more than an SEO Company. We specialize in Custom WordPress Websites, Shopify and Woocomerce website, branding and logo designs, Social Media Posting and ads; as well as, Google Adwords from our google Partner Agency training.